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Ascend Advisory Races for the Cure

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Here at Ascend Advisory, we believe it is important to be active members of our community. To stand up and support one another through everyone’s peaks and valleys and to show that we care. Many of us know someone, whether it be a family or friend, who has been affected by breast cancer, and our team here at Ascend Advisory, took the pledge just like many others to help take a stand and fight back. Earlier this spring as a part of our mission to become more involved in the fight to cure breast cancer our team ran in this year’s Race for the Cure.

The 31st Columbus Race for the Cure was held in Downtown Columbus on May 20th with over 7,500 people participating in the event. Over $900,000 was raised to give hope and to help in the fight to end breast cancer. To help do our part, Ascend Advisory trained and fundraised for over 10 weeks in preparation for the event. To help encourage us all to become a little healthier and just a little more active, for each mile a member of our team ran in preparation for the race, Ascend Advisory donated to the cause. In just a short time, our team was able to run more than 800 miles to help race for the cure.

The race was a great experience and it was amazing to see what seemed like the whole city coming together in support of the cause. Even with the rain, thousands of supporters lined the streets and cheered as runners raced to the finish. For those who have never run in the Race for the Cure our team highly encourages you to join us next year as we look to break our record and reach 1,000 miles next spring. If you or someone you know would still like to donate to the cause, Columbus Race for the Cure is still accepting donations through July. Working as a team to stay strong as a community, there is no doubt that there will be a day we live in a world that is cancer free.


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