COVID-19 Update at Ascend Advisory

We are very pleased to see the re-opening of life activities throughout our community and across the country. It is great to see people begin to move about and to start returning to a more normal life. We are also happy to see people accepting the responsibility of adhering to safety guidelines as suggested by authorities.

As we have stated in prior communications, Ascend Advisory Group has had the choice to continue to work in our corporate format (our office) due to the essential business guidelines or to utilize the technology we put in place long ago and work remotely. We chose to place a premium on health and the majority of our staff have worked remotely during this period.

We have begun the process of transitioning back to the office and are doing so over a period of several weeks. The first wave of staff has returned to the office and we anxiously await the return of all team members in the weeks ahead. We have made several adjustments to the office to make sure we are providing a safe environment. We have installed several touchless disinfectant stations throughout the office. As team members enter the building their temperature is checked and we are being very conscious of social distancing.

We look forward to the days ahead when we begin to invite our clients back to the office for in person meetings.