Featured Employees

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Featured today, Stephanie Schanken & Archana Springer

Over the past decade that Stephanie and Archana have worked together at Ascend, not a day has gone by that they have not talked about food. They share recipes and party planning tips with each other and any co-worker that lends an ear. They both love getting creative in the kitchen and taking pictures of their food adventures.

Finally, in 2019, after a friendly nudge from Archana’s son, they decided to join the social media community to share their fun ideas with the masses. They not only share what’s cooking at home or where they’re finding yummy food around Columbus, but they share what they’re enjoying at Ascend with their teammates.

Stephanie and Archana have both been long time believers that sharing food can bring people together like nothing else. Fellowship and camaraderie have always been strong at Ascend, and the kitchen has become a place to strengthen that. Let’s face it, where we work is where we spend the majority of our time, so we better enjoy ourselves while we are there, and what better way to enjoy each other than sharing creative dishes!

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In these challenging times, Stephanie and Archana are finding ways to make the best of the situation by using their account to showcase what they cook for their families using household staples like the classic Irish potato, and supporting local restaurants by highlighting fantastic takeout food with the hashtag #GreatAmericanTakeoutChallenge