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Ascend Advisory Named to Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Management Teams 2024

Updated: Apr 2

Ascend Advisory, Dublin Bridge Park
Ascend Advisory, Dublin Bridge Park

We are proud to share that Ascend Advisory Group has been recognized as #12 on Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Management Teams 2024 for the State of Ohio. “


This ranking by the numbers:

·         43,713 advisor nominations received

·         10,144 team nominations received

·         19,485 total telephone interviews

·         4,487 total in-person interviews at advisors’ locations

·         1,507 total virtual interviews

From R.J. Shook, president and founder, SHOOK Research, in an article outlining the methodology. 

To start, existing rankings of advisors and teams focus solely on numbers—total assets under management, revenues, headcount, etc. But how does it help knowing that one team makes more money than another?

Teams have become highly specialized and are focusing more on particular client types in order to offer the most bespoke service. This requires a close examination of the entire team, from its purpose (not just the mission) to its culture and skillset. In other words, the effort involved in analyzing one team becomes exponential compared to evaluating a single advisor. So we tweaked our methodology and broadened our process, such as expanding the number of individuals per team that we interviewed (this occurs by telephone, virtual and in-person).

When we meet with these teams, which are starting to look more like stand-alone boutiques, we take a close look at leadership and the senior principals since they tend to dictate every client’s experience from the top down. Every time we meet with a team or an individual advisor for a due diligence meeting, we are always thinking to ourselves, "Would we recommend this team (or individual) to a friend or family member?" Quality is always first: if we're going to include a team (or advisor) on our rankings, we have to make sure everyone is of the highest quality. 


The Forbes Best-in-State Wealth Management Teams rating algorithm is based on the previous year’s industry experience, interviews, compliance records, assets under management, revenue and other criteria by SHOOK Research, LLC. Investment performance is not a criterion. Self-completed survey was used for rating. This rating is not related to the quality of the investment advice and based solely on the disclosed criteria.

High Net Worth designates advisors whose account sizes are typically under $10mm, though may have accounts with higher amounts.


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