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Bob Dole, how he gave me a leg-up.

Updated: Apr 3

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As co-founder and CEO of Ascend Advisory Group, Tony’s leadership is weaved throughout the fabric of this organization. For those of you not yet familiar, this story will inspire you and lead you to understand why we all loving coming to work every day.

Listen as Tony weaves through the details of his humble beginning coming to America on a soccer scholarship at the age of 17 with a borrowed suitcase and $127 in his pocket.

Letter from Bob Dole to Tony Reilly
Letter from Bob Dole to Tony Reilly

Tony’s passion for entrepreneurship and the capital markets comes to life in the address he gives to students of his Alma Mater, Sterling College, when he spoke at The Oscar Schmidt Lecture Series Convocation. Tony speaks to students about his “Glass Half Full” outlook and a serendipitous meeting with Senator Bob Dole that ultimately led him to Ohio where he’s built his investment management career.

"I stood in line to meet him. Nothing would stop me even when everyone told me not to. I jumped in front of the crowd to talk to him."
“Son, it’s the middle of Kansas, where are you from?” Bob Dole said.


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