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Adoption + A Village in Peru...

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

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Jeff and Lori Korbini have 3 children, Anthony, Marissa and Mauriana. Blessed by adoption, this family of 5 has called Hillard, OH their home for over 20 years. While Ohio is home, their family's story began in other countries. Marissa is Guatemalan and both Anthony and Mauriana are Peruvian.

The path of adoption has brought a wonderful life for the Korbini family providing far more fulfillment than they could have imagined.

Their two Peruvian children were part of an orphanage called Casa Luz. Shortly after the adoption of their first Peruvian child, the Korbini's were moved by the impact that the orphanage had within its community. Jeff and Lori sought to raise awareness and funds for Casa Luz. Through these efforts, they came to collaborate with an organization called Vision Trust International (VTI). They had the chance to take the president of VTI to Casa Luz and convince them to take on the orphanage as one of their projects to provide consistent funding thru VTI’s child sponsorship programs.

In 2005, a need for new plumbing in the orphanage building was brought to their attention. They raised the money needed to complete the project and rounded up a group of family and friends to travel to Casa Luz for 10 days to help with the plumbing project.

Now the Korbini’s lead a team from their church annually for 1-2 weeks to Casa Luz to help with the needs. The teams have done everything from harvesting carrots and beans to constructing new buildings.

Jeff says:

“There is so much need in our world. You certainly don’t need to travel all the way to Peru to find it, but this is the path that God has placed in front of us. We plan to meet this challenge as long as it continues to be in front of us.”


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