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May 2024

Annual CEO Letter to Clients

Tony Reilly

Chief Executive Officer


"We believe in investing in the next generation to support your children and grandchildren." 


Investing in the next generation, CEO Tony Reilly shares

Ascend Advisory's most recent developments

Dear clients,

We feel humbled by each and every client who has entrusted us with their hard-earned assets. We believe every dollar you have has a mission and it is our job to help you find it.


Your financial advisor will be reaching out in the coming months to invite you to our new office at Dublin Bridge Park. We outgrew our last office and chose this mixed-use location for all its wonderful amenities – from hotels to world class restaurants. 


We wanted to make sure you had every reason to meet with us to update your investment plan.

We believe in bringing the power of the markets to your doorstep


I wanted to work closely with individuals and business owners and founded Ascend Advisory Group with just $27M in 2001. With the dedication of our team, we’ve grown to $2B assets under management (as of 3/28/24).​ Tripling our staff since 2001, we can ensure we’re scheduling meetings and following up diligently. And it shows with the awards that we’ve won since.

Forbes Best-in State Wealth Management Teams, 2023

2023 Forbes Best-in-State Wealth Management Teams: Awarded January 2023; Data compiled by SHOOK Research LLC based on the time period from 3/31/21 - 3/31/22 (Source:  Fee paid for use of marketing materials.


The Forbes Best-in-State Wealth Management Teams rating algorithm is based on the previous year’s industry experience, interviews, compliance records, assets under management, revenue and other criteria by SHOOK Research, LLC. Investment performance is not a criterion. Self-completed survey was used for rating. This rating is not related to the quality of the investment advice and based solely on the disclosed criteria. Fee paid for use of logo.


We believe in working together

We pride ourselves on working with new hires right out of college to multi-million dollar portfolios of business owners. We’ve been working hard to bring the next generation of financial advisors into the business and training them on the Ascend way.​ We are built upon the belief that planning should be about stewardship. Our company is rooted in service, with a commitment to diligence and integrity.​



We pride ourselves on working with young professionals to high net worth business owners to ensure their assets are organized and diversified. Though our company has grown, we remain steadfast and true to our mission of helping our clients ask the right questions and understand the nuances of their options.​ We work to ensure the mission for each client’s dollar is achieved.


We look forward to seeing you in 2024. 


Thank you,

Tony (Anthony) J. Reilly, CEO (LinkedIn)

Ascend Advisory Group, LLC

6767 Longshore St, Suite 300,

Dublin, OH 43017


​​Tel: 614.784.6000

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